The Mixed Teams Gold Medallists

MIXED TEAMS WINNERS: WD Karamoy, Conny Sumampouw, Jemmy Bojoh, Sartje Pontoh, Marthen Sompotan


After an exhausting day's play, no less than 60 boards in the day, the qualifications in all three team events have come to an end. In the Open Teams, Kawanua easily held on to their substantial lead, eventually finishing on 214 V.P. or 19.5 V.P. per match on average. Behind them, all sorts of things were happening, especially towards the end of the day. Earlier on, two of the overnight top ranked teams, Djarum Black and Magic Eyes, had already faltered and thus only Mutiara Energy Tambun, the overnight runners-up, were left with a very good chance to make it into the Final Four. In fact, they could even afford to lose their last match 6-24 and still qualify. When the last round started, Tambun and five other teams, all at a respectable distance of Tambun but with only 2 V.P. between those five, all were in a position to make it but there were only three berths available. The biggest shock of the day was the 25-0 defeat inflicted upon Tambun by EIBC, who thus became the runner-up with 196 V.P. , 18 V.P. behind Kawanua. In another match Bhinneka, whom we had not seen at all at tables 1 or 2 during the whole event, beat M E Jakarta 25-5 to clinch a surprise 3rd place whereas the direct confrontation between BTC and YOU Singapore ended 17-13 to BTC, just enough to see them through as well. Had the Singaporeans drawn this match, they would have been qualified as they had beaten Kawanua 16-14 in the round before.

In the Women's Teams, both Djarum teams easily made it, LA finishing on 173 V.P. and 76 on 168 V.P. At a respectable distance, we finally find some other teams: Telkom User TV on 147 as 3rd and Ace Qs from Singapore on 144 V.P. as 4th. When I walked around in the hotel garden just after the end of play, I ran into some Jakarta Ladies who were apparently looking for something they had lost. When I asked them about it, they told me they were looking for 1 IMP they dropped somewhere in their vital finalmatch against Ace Qs Singapore. They had lost it 14-16 but 1 single IMP more to them and this match would have been a draw, as a result of which they and not Ace Qs would have qualified.

In the Youth event, Syabas easily held on to their overnight lead as well. Their 220 V.P. gave them an average of 20 V.P. per match - not bad going at all. They qualified with a 23 V.P. lead over the joint runners-up Gunadarma and Electric who finished on 197 V.P. Penguin Singapore scored 186 V.P. which was more than enough to get through, be it at the cost of their fellow-countrymen from team GG, who dropped 6 V.P. short. So no photo-finishes here, for a change.

Good luck to all finalists on this, the final day's play of these ASEAN championships!

Jos Jacobs