Sarundajang Cup 2015
Manado, Lion Plaza & Hotel, August 26th - 31st, 2015

The 2015 Sarundajang Cup will be held on Wednesday 26th Ė Monday 31th Aug, 2015 at The Hotel Lion & Plaza Manado which is staged in honour of His Excellency Dr. Sinyo H. Sarundajang and includes the Open Teams, Swiss Plate and Open Pairs. Entries from all WBF zones are on an invitation basis.


The laws of duplicate contract bridge ( revised 2007 ) will be used.

The official language of the tournament is English.

Entry Fees

Sarundajang Cup: IDR 10,000,000 except for invited teams who are free.

Swiss Plate: Free for team play in qualifiying round. IDR 2.000.000 for new participant

Open Pairs Qualifying50 US$
Open Pairs Semi Final50 US$
Open Pairs Finals50 US$

Tournament Format

Open Teams

The Open Teams consists of three stages:

Swiss Qualifying, Knock-out stage, and Final/Play off.

Qualifying Stage: Thursday 27th and Friday 28th

A 10 round Swiss event of 10 board matches:

Draw for matches 1 & 2 is pre-determined

The draw for subsequent rounds will be Swiss, one round delayed.

No playbacks.

(The draw for team numbers will be conducted at the Captains meeting)

Draw for Round 1
1v2 3v4 5v6 7v8 9v10 11v12 13v14 15v16 17v18 19v20 21v22 23v24 25v26 27v28

Draw for Round 2
1v10 3v12 5v14 7v16 9v18 11v20 13v22 15v24 17v26 19v28 21v2 23v4 25v6 27v8

The top 16 teams will advance to the knock-out phase of the tournament.

Knockout Stage
Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th

Four rounds of 32 boards (2 stanzas of 16 boards) matches in two different brackets.

The top 8 teams will start in the upper bracket with knock-out match losers dropping to the lower bracket.

The next 8 teams will start in the lower bracket and be eliminated with a loss

After round 3 there will be one undefeated team in the upper bracket who will progress directly to the final with a 6.5 IMP carryover.

In match 3, the two losers from the upper bracket will join the 4 winners from the lower bracket to play two 3-way matches. The two winners will advance to round 4.

In match 4, the loser of match 3 in upper bracket and the 2 winners of match 3 in the lower bracket will play a 3-way match for a spot in the final.

In all 3-way matches, the team winning both of their matches will be the winner, otherwise total Net IMPís will decide the winner.

Final and Third place playoff

Both are 48 board matches played in three segments-each of 16 board stanzas.

The top 4 finishers will receive a cash prize.

Swiss Plate

Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th Aug

Non-qualifiers in the Open Teams and teams eliminated in Knock-out rounds 1 & 2 play in the Swiss Plate free of charge.

In addition, places are available to join the Swiss Plate on payment of the prescribed entry fee. IDR 2.000.000.

The Swiss Plate consists of 8 rounds of 10 board matches, with a swiss draw, one round delayed, the top three finishers will receive cash prizes.

The four first round losers from the lower knock-out bracket may join the round 4 of the swiss plate on the afternoon of Friday 7th Aug. Such teams will be assigned a VP score equal to the average of the top 25% of the field.

The draw for round 5 will be based on the results of round 3 including the new teams.

The 4 second-round losers in the lower knock-out bracket may join round 6 of the swiss plate on the morning of Saturday 10th Aug on an assigned score as described previously. The draw for round 7 will be based on the results of round 5 including the new teams. In both round 4 and round 6, the new entries will be randomly matched up against each other.

Open Pairs

Sunday 30 th & Monday 31th Aug

A total of 60 pairs with 2 pairs reserved for each competing team. Team captains are responsible for determining their ranking order of their pairs in the event that spare places become available. Captains must advise such entries no later than match 2 of the Teams qualifying, preferably after the Captains meeting (Tues 26th Aug 9.00pm).

Failure to do so may result in forfeit of right to play in the Pairs.

Open Pairs Qualifying
Sunday 30th Aug 16:20 to 19:50, 27 Boards (9 rounds of 3)

Six section of 5 tables, Howell movement, IMP scoring across the whole field.

The top 5 pairs in each section + the top five pairs from the field at large advance to the semi final. (Sunday 9th at 9:30am). Pairs tied for 5th position rank higher, pairs tied for 6th position will be broken as per regs

The 30 non-qualifiers are eliminated; however the highest scoring non-qualifier will advance, without charge to play in the Open Pairs Consolation on the afternoon of Monday 31th Aug.

Pairs will be seeded according to their finishing position in the Swiss Teams.

Open Pairs Semi Final
Monday 31st Aug at 09:30 Ė 13:00

Three sections of 5 tables, Howell movement, IMP scoring across the whole field. Barometer scoring,

The top 2 pairs from each section + the top 4 pairs from the field at large will advance to the final, for a total of 10 pairs. Pairs tied for 2nd position will rank higher.

Non-qualifiers from the semi-final can play in the Open Pairs consolation free of charge on the afternoon of Sunday 31sth Aug.

Open Pairs Final
Monday 31st Aug 14:00 Ė 17:30, 5 table Howell, 9 rounds of 3 boards. IMP scoring with Barometer.

Open Pairs Consolation
Monday 31st Aug 14:00 Ė 17:30. Movement dependant on entries, 9 rounds of 3 boards. IMP scoring.


Computer dealt hands will be used throughout.

Screen will be used throughout

Each pairs are required to bring two identical convention cards to the table.

HUM systems are not permitted

Brown sticker Conventions are permitted only in the Knockout and Final/Playoff.

BSC users are required to provide adequate defences and must be submitted to the Chief Director at the conclusion of the qualifying stage for approval.

All teams must submit convention cards of their players one month in advance, which will be posted on the tournament website. Players are required to alert all agreements and artificial bids and upon inquiry to write down clear and complete explanation together with its implications. Simply referring to a convention name may not be sufficient since some names have become generic terms encompassing many different versions.

The requirement to play the systems and conventions according to the C of C can be waived by the opposing teams if both agree to.

Tie Breaking

Swiss Movement: The higher IMP quotient, if still tied, the Total Point Quotients in all matches played by the tied teams, then by a draw.

After round 10, ties on VPís will be broken in the following order:

a: Higher IMP quotient in all matches played by the tying teams
b: Greater number of IMPís obtained in the match between the tying teams
c: Greater number of total points obtained in the match between the tying teams
d: Higher total point quotient in all matches played by the tying teams
e: Successive one board playoff until a winner is determined

Knockout Phase

The higher total point, and if still tied, the number of boards won (a difference of 10 points is considered a winning board, even though no IMPís are gained. If tie still remains, by Draw.

Final & Playoff

The higher total point, and if still tied, the number of boards won (a difference of 10 points is considered a winning board, even though no IMPís are gained). If the tie remains, two board sudden death matches until a winner emerges.


For any stage of the competition, the pair with the greater number of boards on which they scored positive IMPís will be ranked higher. Draw if tie remains.

Alert Procedure

Standard alert procedures with screens apply, questions and answers shall be written on the memo pad provided. Failure to comply may result in any claim of misinformation being denied. In addition, claims of hesitations or a slow return of the bidding tray may only be considered if the first claim is from the other side from where the alleged hesitation occurred.


Teams play according to the schedule as posted. The team with the higher team number is designated as The Home Team and their opponents as The Visiting Team. The Home Team sits NS in the Open Room and EW in the Closed Room. The visiting Team sits NS in the Closed Room and EW in the Open Room. There will be Blind seating for all matches in the qualifying and knock-out stages and in the Swiss Plate. Prior to the start of the Final and 3rd place play-off, the team captains will draw to determine choice of seating rights. The winner of the draw may choose to sit first in any of the three stages, then the choice alternates.

In all stages, Team captains are required to submit their line-ups within 5 minutes of the scheduled finishing time of the previous round except round 1 of the qualifying when 30 mins before commencement of the session.


Late Start

0 Ė 5 minutes1st offenceWarning
2nd and subsequent offence0.8VP (Swiss), 3 IMPS Knockout
5 Ė 10 minutes1.6VP (Swiss), 6 IMPS Knockout.
10 Ė 15 Minutes2.4VP (Swiss), 10 IMPS Knockout.
Over 15 MinutesForfeiture

Slow Play

Penalties as above.

Over 15 minutes at the discretion of the CTD, including cancellation of unplayed boards with assigned scores (Swiss) for both Teams.

Failure to submit line-ups on time

First offence: Rights to opposing team to select opponents.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones in the playing area are prohibited during session. Players with mobile phones should surrender their phones to the staff at the service desk who will return them at the conclusion of the session. Should a mobile phone ring during play will invoke a penalty according to the following scale:

1st Offence: 3 VPís (Swiss), or 15 IMPS (Knockout)
2nd Offence: 10 VPís (Swiss) or 30 IMPS (Knockout)
3rd Offence: 20 VPís (Swiss) or Forfeiture of the match in Knockout.


Smoking is not permitted according to the Hotel policy and regulations of the WBF, players are not permitted to leave the playing area during a match for the purpose of smoking.

Each offence will incur a US$50.00 penalty.


Kibitzers will be permitted at the discretion of the Director

Appeal Procedure

An appeal, or request of or for a ruling by a Tournament Director must be lodged by the Captain of a team within 30 minutes of the official completion time of a match in which the ruling was made.

A deposit of US$100.00 must be accompanied with the appeal, which may not be refunded if the appeal is without merit.